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This is the question that is circulating all over the internet at this time, after Google made an exciting presentation to developers.

Google Glasses is the nick name for the new augmented reality headsetsspecs} created by Google - We all know Google like to create huge amounts of excitement and buzz around their new product launches and this time was no different, we saw the new Google Glasses presented in a super creative way with live feeds from skydivers and stunt men wearing the glasses used to show off this revolutionary new product.

The new reality glasses have been given the official title of Project Glass, which clever as it is doesnâ�#8482;t really describe what the glasses actually do and it is likely that the term Google Glasses is the one that will stick with gadget fans out there.

The intelligent goggles use a tiny transparent screen over the userâ�#8482;s right eye to display web searches, videos, photos, messages etc and can be controlled either by voice or by a touchpad control that can be attached to the userâ�#8482;s arm. They hook up to your smartphone and via tethering can connect to the internet for streaming and web searches.

So this all sounds pretty incredible so far wouldnâ�#8482;t you agree? Finally Google have come up with a real game changer that could actually increase their Android based phone sales and see them start to get their way back into the smart phone market place to compete with the iPhone 5. This next generation bit of kit doesnâ�#8482;t come without a cost though and even at this early stage developers are being charged around $1400 for the privilege of being able to create Apps to integrate with the hardware.

The Google glasses release date is still not 100% confirmed but they have said they are trying to have the product in shops by 2014 which more than likely means we will be able to purchase them or at least pre-order by the fourth quarter of 2013.

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